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College Essay Preparation FAQs

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Writing the College Essay



College Essay Development & Application Strategy
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Recommended Start Time: July before your senior year. (What’s this?)

AVE’s College Essay Training
Mass Market College Essay Programs
Master all aspects of the art of college essay writing, from developing a topic to the most effective phrasing.
Basically a proofreading service; do not expect significant improvements in your essay or in your ability to write essays.
Dramatically develop your writing and rhetorical skills.
Small improvements in writing skills are possible. Large ones are extremely unlikely.

AVE’s College Essay Training
Black Market College Essay Programs
Learn to write at a professional level. Learn to write your own college essays.
Learn nothing. Have someone else write your college essay for you.
Your own work, so the essay looks real.
Essays often look fake or canned; application reviewers can usually recognized these essays as fraudulent.
Gain writing skills for life. Do not gain any writing skills. Fall behind your peers who will be actually learning to write college essays.

You have the grades and SAT scores that will allow you to compete at your colleges of choice. The bad news is that so do 80% of the other applicants, and the most selective colleges accept about 10% of their applicants.

A strong essay can help set you above your competition.

AVE’s Method

Unlike many companies, AVE will not write the college essay for you. This is for both ethical and practical reasons. From an ethical standpoint, AVE is much more interested in developing students’ writing skills than in encouraging them to use fraudulent shortcuts to avoid becoming better writers. From a practical standpoint, essays written by essay-writing services do not look real. Experienced application committee members will usually recognize a fake when they see one, and that only hurts your application.

Instead, AVE will guide you through every step of the process, from developing a topic to employing effective rhetoric. At each level, you will thoroughly learn the methods and concepts. For example, AVE will not just give you a topic; you will learn how to develop a topic. AVE will not just rewrite your sentences to make them more vivid or convincing; you will learn how to make any story more vivid, and to make any statement more convincing.

By the time the process is done, you will have a memorable and convincing essay that demonstrates superior analytical and creative skills. But more importantly, you will have learned how to showcase your creativity, to convince any audience, and to write vividly and engagingly.

Beyond the Essay

In addition to helping you with your essay, AVE can help you build a full applicant profile. That means that we can help you develop a full resume of activities, jobs, and/or internships to help create a profile that will set you above your competition.

To do this, it is best to start early. For example, if AVE is going to help you start a community service program or get you involved in an internship, starting in ninth grade will be more effective than starting a month before applications are due. To find out more, please contact AVE at 301-320-3634, or email us at

AVE operates with full confidentiality. No information about any client is divulged to any third party without the client’s explicit request.

Fees: $200/hour. Initial Consultation: Free.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please call 301-320-3634.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?
Production of the first essay generally takes from three to ten sessions, depending on the writing skill of the student. Upon completion of the first essay, subsequent essays can usually be produced in two to three sessions.

I don't have anything exciting to write about. Will this be a problem?
The topic is less important than the analysis. You don't need an exciting life event to have an outstanding college essay.

The application requires short answers in addition to the essay. Are they important?
Short answer questions can be used to a student's advantage. Teaching the student how to approach these questions is generally a part of the process.

How early should the process begin?
Since essay topics are generally available well in advance, the essay can be completed before the start of the senior year. There is no need to wait until the deadline approaches. However, essays can be competed in less than a month when the writing skills and motivation are there. Please note that there is no situation in which AVE will write an essay for a student.


Additional Information for Education Professionals

Analogical thinking is often developed by showing students how to form connections between seemingly unrelated interests, events, and activities. Students learn to demonstrate analytical thinking in several ways, including drawing subtle distinctions and showing the significance of apparently inconsequential details.

Students will also learn basic rhetorical techniques as well as more subte techniques including presupposition and projection. In all situations, students write their own essays. Guidance is provided throughout the project, but the finished product is the student's own.


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