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College Essay Preparation FAQs

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Writing the College Essay



College Essay Preparation

Whereas high grades and sat scores allow an applicant to pass a college's initial screening process, the application essay allows the application committee to select from this qualified group.

AVE's approach to college essay preparation distinguishes it from companies and individuals that write students' essay for them. Instead of writing essays for its students, AVE offers intensive guidance through all stages of the essay writing process. This allows students to develop their own writing skills while preparing essays that are more convincing, powerful, and unique than those produced by essay writing services. Although AVE's approach is significantly more demanding and time consuming, it is ultimately more beneficial to the student's growth and success.

A successful college essay must use excellent writing to demonstrate a high degree of creative and analytical thinking, convey outstanding character and personal integrity, and show strength of personality and ambition. A student cannot simply declare that he or she possesses these valued attributes, but must find ways convince a highly perceptive and experienced admissions committee. Developing subtle and persuasive writing techniques, while learning to think from and convey an "outside-the-box" perspective, give students a considerable advantage.

Applicants to specific, highly selective programs within undergraduate institutions face additional challenges. They must demonstrate that their goals, personal character, and skills perfectly match the program to which they are applying. As competition for such programs increases, writing techniques and methods of persuasion must become even more subtle.

AVE guides the student through all aspects of the essay writing process from the initial brainstorm to the final grammar check. The process involves developing "lateral" and analogical thinking, understanding and applying methods of persuasion, and writing vividly and engagingly. The goal is not only to produce excellent and memorable essays, but also to develop the student's rhetorical, analytical, and creative abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?
Production of the first essay generally takes from three to ten sessions, depending on the writing skill of the student. Upon completion of the first essay, subsequent essays can usually be produced in two to three sessions.

I don't have anything exciting to write about. Will this be a problem?
The topic is less important than the analysis. You don't need an exciting life event to have an outstanding college essay.

The application requires short answers in addition to the essay. Are they important?
Short answer questions can be used to a student's advantage. Teaching the student how to approach these questions is generally a part of the process.

How early should the process begin?
Since essay topics are generally available well in advance, the essay can be completed before the start of the senior year. There is no need to wait until the deadline approaches. However, essays can be competed in less than a month when the writing skills and motivation are there. Please note that there is no situation in which AVE will write an essay for a student.


Additional Information for Education Professionals

Analogical thinking is often developed by showing students how to form connections between seemingly unrelated interests, events, and activities. Students learn to demonstrate analytical thinking in several ways, including drawing subtle distinctions and showing the significance of apparently inconsequential details.

Students will also learn basic rhetorical techniques as well as more subte techniques including presupposition and projection. In all situations, students write their own essays. Guidance is provided throughout the project, but the finished product is the student's own.


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