Preparation for Graduate School Entrance Examinations
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Preparation for Graduate School Entrance Examinations FAQs



Preparation for Graduate School Entrance Examinations

Success on graduate school entrance exams, such as the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT, requires highly developed verbal, mathematical, and logical reasoning skills. AVE's methods focus on developing, integrating, and applying these skills. Designed for highly motivated students seeking placement in top graduate programs, AVE's tutoring programs for these tests are extremely rigorous and intensive.

Instead of teaching formulaic approaches that teach students to apply rules of thumb to specific situations, AVE helps students develop their reasoning skills, allowing them to effectively analyze any problem they may encounter. The process examines fundamental rules of logic and common logical fallacies in depth. At the same time, core cognitive skills are developed, including those involved in patter recognition, spatial reasoning, and analysis of language. Students practice on problems taken from actual tests, as well as those developed by AVE.

AVE's approach covers all sections of these tests, including both parts of the Analytical Writing Assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a tutoring program include preparation for more than one test?
There is significant overlap between the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT. Developing the required skills for one exam often develops the required skills for another. Thus, a tutoring program can easily and effectively include preparation for more than one test.

Can a tutoring program focus on a specific section?
A tutoring program can focus on a specific section, or on a problem type within that section.

How long is a tutoring program?
A tutoring program can range in length from one session to more than a year.


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