Intensive Academic Tutoring

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Intensive Academic Tutoring
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AVE’s Intensive Academic Tutoring
Schools and Standard Tutoring Programs
Students develop the ability and desire to excel.
Students learn to get by.
Students build their core cognitive abilities.
Students learn to use crutches that weaken their cognitive abilities.
Students learn to use the aggressive academic strategies used by valedictorians.
Students learn the techniques used by B students.


What does it take to excel in school? Intelligence? Ambition? Ability? Organization? Discipline? Strategy? Study Skill?

The answer, is, of course, all of them. But to most people, many of these are innate and unchangeable attributes. If you have been exploring our website, you may have recognized than many parts of intelligence, such as language processing and mathematical reasoning, can be systematically developed. And it seems that organization and study skills can be taught, and that even discipline can come with practice. But what about something like ambition? How can something like that be built?

Since 2002, AVE has been doing just that. Known for his ability to motivate formerly apathetic students to excel, Arvin Vohra has set student after student on a path to excellence and success.

The core of ambition is recognizing what is possible. For example, a student may desire to become a doctor. He knows that such a path is possible for him, and that if he works hard enough, he will be able to reach this goal.

That same student may also desire to be able to fly or turn invisible; however, recognizing these goals as impossible, he does not pursue them at all. If someone forced him to attend classes about becoming invisible, he would go, but he would not put any effort into it. Why waste energy on the impossible?

Many students who struggle in school see academic goals as equally impossible. They view mastering calculus as just as impossible as turning invisible. For that matter, they may view algebra as equally impossible. No sane person would ever truly put energy into something they consider actually impossible.

The unfortunate thing is that many such students’ assessments are accurate. In a standard educational system that just does not work for them, it is unlikely that they will ever excel.

With AVE’s programs, struggling students learn to approach their academics differently. AVE doesn’t teach D students to use the methods of B students. We teach them the methods used by valedictorians. Parents and teachers are often dumbstruck when formerly indifferent students are suddenly several chapters ahead in math (a technique used by many high achievers), or when students who hated reading are reading on their own. These students have realized that goals they had considered impossible are actually attainable. They have not become easy, and they do not need to be easy. The students were never truly lazy; they were just disinclined to pursue impossible goals.

Despite the outer facade of indifference that many children and teenagers present, there is not a single teenager on earth who has no desire whatsoever to excel academically. In the same way, there is probably not a person on earth who does not want to be able to fly. By making the goal of academic excellence attainable and practical, AVE helps students develop the skill and ambition that leads to excellence. Our approach has turned D students into A students, and apathetic students into overachievers.

For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation, please call 301-320-3634.

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