Intensive Reading Tutoring

Fees: $200/hour.

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In-home tutoring is available for an additional fee.


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Intensive Reading Tutoring
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AVE’s Intensive Reading Tutoring
Standard Reading Programs
Programs isolate and target specific cognitive skills to develop precisely designed, systematic programs.
Weak cognitive skills are not targeted precisely or systematically.
Students learn analytical and precise reading methods.
Reading methods are not as analytical.
System parallels AVE’s Rapid Analytical Reading.
Do not parallel Rapid Analytical Reading, or any similar system.
Students learn to excel at reading. Students learn to get by.


One of AVE’s most popular programs, our Intensive Reading tutoring has dramatically improved the reading skills of students with severe difficulties in reading, and even with mild to moderate dyslexia.

Students with severe difficulties in reading generally suffer from one or more of the following areas:

  • Language processing. Students with difficulty in language processing do not process written information based on the grammatical structure of the sentence. Instead, they look at the meaning of each individual word, and guess what the most likely combined meaning will be. When applied to the kind of complex language found in literature and textbooks, this method breaks down, leaving the student completely overwhelmed.

  • Vocabulary. When a student has significant gaps in his vocabulary, written language above a certain level of difficulty will be impossible for him to understand.

  • Memory. A student who quickly forgets what he has read will be unable to effectively read longer texts. He may find himself rereading the same page over and over.

  • Concentration. A student who is unable to concentrate for long periods of time may be unable to effectively read texts above a certain length.

Of course, within these broad categories are highly specific issues. Unique combinations of these issues can also produce unusual difficulties with reading.

By creating an exact cognitive model of the student’s method of reading, AVE develops finely targeted approaches to help struggling students excel at reading. From the beginning, AVE teaches a highly analytical and precise approach to reading. A similar approach forms the foundation of AVE’s groundbreaking Rapid Analytical Reading.

Systematically and rigorously, AVE’s methods target areas of weakness and build the required cognitive skills. For each skill, AVE targets mastery, rather than proficiency. For example, if a student struggles with grammatical analysis, AVE’s system overbuilds that particular ability. Instead of just trying to bring that student to grade level in terms of his grammatical analysis, AVE brings the student several grade levels above that level. Thus, a seventh grader who started out with the grammatical understanding of a second grader would systematically develop the grammatical understanding of a twelfth grader.

This process is more challenging than what a standard education can offer, but ultimately far more rewarding. To learn more about AVE’s intensive reading programs, please call 301-320-3634.

Fee: $200/hour. Initial Consultation: Free

For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation, please call 301-320-3634


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