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Recommended Lead Time for SAT Preparation

The SAT is a reasoning test. That means that it is more like an IQ test than a school test, and major improvement requires significant development of the student’s cognitive abilities.

In situations in which these abilities are significantly underdeveloped, the student has to actually progress through several grade levels of cognitive development. Although AVE’s methods are among the fastest and most efficient in the world, they are not instantaneous. For example, a student who gets a 400 on an SAT reading section is basically reading at a fifth grade level. To do well on the test, he will need to go through several grade levels worth of cognitive development in reading. Also, since the student probably has an innate difficulty with reading, it will be an especially intense process. AVE’s programs are designed systematically build his reading skills to a high level, but they cannot do so overnight. The recommended lead times indicate the amount of time that training generally takes for students at different starting points.

Of course, every year dozens of students do last minute crammed training with AVE. This approach is a gamble; it usually works to some extent, but sometimes it doesn’t. On the other hand, when recommended lead times are followed the success rate is virtually 100%.

As one of the only companies in the world that actually offers this kind of systematic cognitive development for the SAT, AVE can offer an unsurpassable option for students who want to significantly improve their cognitive abilities and SAT scores. By using the recommended lead times as a guide, you can ensure your child’s success on the SAT, and the associated improvements in cognitive ability and academic performance that are the hallmark of AVE.


Recommended Start Time for College Essays

A college essay is a 500 word personal statement. Shouldn’t it take about a week to write?

As it turns out, it is not that easy. In order to write an effective college essay, most students must substantially improve their writing and rhetorical skills. Simply put, students have to produce an essay that is 3-4 grade levels above what they are used to writing. Getting to that level can take time, so AVE recommends starting in July before the student’s senior year.

The good news is that once a student is able to write one essay, he has gained the necessary writing skills and will be able to write subsequent essays much more quickly and easily.

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