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Training Program Design & Modification

In 2005, AVE released Rapid Analytical Reading after three years of development. By combining traditional speed reading methods with more efficient methods of language analysis, Rapid Analytical Reading allows complicated texts to be read quickly.

The core of Rapid Analytical Reading is hierarchical language processing, which places primary importance on the main structure of the sentence. These elements are used to form a framework which allows more rapid and accurate analysis of language than does traditional, left to right reading. These techniques are combined with traditional speed reading methods to allow rapid analysis of complex language.  

AVE offers seminars that range from one-day introductions to intensive seminars that last for several weeks. The seminars generally cover both traditional speed reading and Rapid Analytical Reading. Pricing varies depending on the length of the seminar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a seminar be?
This depends largely on the type and amount of reading done by employees. If the reading is relatively simple, a shorter seminar is usually sufficient. When reading is more complicated, as is the case in legal and academic professions, a longer seminar may be preferable.

Can the seminars be tailored to a specific type of reading?
AVE reviews samples of what employees read before developing each seminar, so the seminars are always tailored. The seminars can be tailored to an even higher degree of specificity. Alternatively, the focus can be broadened to incorporate reading outside the workplace.


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