SSAT/ISEE Tutoring

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SSAT/ISEE Tutoring
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If your child is applying to a competitive private school, his SSAT or ISEE scores will be a central part of his application.

What are SSAT and ISEE?

The SSAT and ISEE are tests of math and verbal reasoning skills. Private schools use these tests to determine whether or not a student will be an academic asset to the school.

How Can I Prepare for the Test?

There are several preparation options for the SSAT and ISEE. At the very least, you should purchase a practice book. Barron’s practice books for the SSAT and ISEE are particularly strong.

You may also want to consider private tutoring. AVE’s tutoring for the SSAT and ISEE is particularly intensive, and involves building core cognitive skills, solidifying the child’s knowledge base, and building effective test-taking strategies. This system can lead to dramatic improvement and give students a significant advantage over their peers.

AVE’s long-term tutoring programs have helped students improve their scores by more than 30 percentile points in each section. For shorter term programs, improvement is usually about 15-20 percentile points.

Additionally, SSAT/ISEE preparation with AVE will let you know early on what the child’s innate strengths and weaknesses are, and what you can do over the next several years to help your child succeed. For example, the process may uncover a weakness in analogical reasoning, and AVE will be able to recommend exercises that you can do with your child to gradually strengthen this ability.

Fees: $200/hour. Initial Consultation: Free.

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