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Training Program Design & Modification

Time spent training employees represents a significant financial cost, both in terms of direct training costs and indirect costs associated with lost potential productivity. Most current training methods contain significant inefficiencies that extend the length of the training process unnecessarily. By examining the process by which necessary skills are acquired and the aspects of those skills that are the most significant, the length of both initial and intermediate training can be shortened, with quality maintained or increased. This allows new employees to contribute sooner, and to develop the skills associated with experienced employees more quickly.

The process develops methods of presenting new material in ways that make best use of the trainee's cognitive resources. This generally involves both the order and manner of presentation, but may also involve content. Additionally, the hierarchy of information is analyzed from a functional standpoint, in which the required knowledge is analyzed in terms of key skills and facts.

The process extends to higher levels by examining the differences between highly productive experienced workers and less productive inexperienced workers. By determining the knowledge base and key methods that differentiate the two groups, methods and materials can be developed to bridge the gap.

Pricing varies based on the nature and degree of program examination and design. For more information, please contact AVE at (301) 320-3634 or

Frequently Asked Questions

How can an organization determine whether its training program would benefit from AVE's methods?
AVE offers a free initial consultation that can help analyze the situation. A basic review of the current methods, which is part of this consultation, can answer many of these questions.

How long does the process take?
This varies based on the complexity of the material that the employee must learn. A simple redesign can be done in less than a month. A higher-end redesign can take significantly longer.

Our training program only requires that the employee learn a large set of facts. Can a program modification help?
AVE can help by sharing methods that allow more rapid absorption of information, and helping a firm choose methods appropriate for its employees. The areas in which AVE's methods have the greatest impact, however, are situations in which employees must learn skills and methods in addition to learning information.

We would like to implement a computer based training program. Can AVE help?
AVE can help by providing guidance on the aspects of the process related to learning and skill development.


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